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Attorney Rocco Turzi of Injury DMV Law

Rocco V.A. Turzi

Rocco Turzi is the founder of Injury DMV Law, and he works with The Law Offices of Paul Samakow. He is an effective, tactical, and aggressive trial lawyer. His practice focuses on representing injured victims against insurance companies, and he works relentlessly to ensure that all of his clients are compensated fairly.

He obtained his Bachelors in Political Science with an emphasis in Economics from Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. He then went on to attend law school in Miami at St. Thomas University. After graduating from law school, he returned to his home state of Virginia to defend the injured. 

He detests the way insurance companies treat people, and he will stop at nothing to ensure that his clients are taken care of. 

He uses his economic and legal backgrounds to implement legal strategies fueled by data.

Finally, he has made it his goal to educate as many people as possible about auto accident safety, security and compensation. In order to accomplish this, he started the Ouch campaign which is a text service that helps people stay informed and prepared.

Attorney Paul Samakow

Paul A. Samakow

The Law Offices of Paul A. Samakow, P.C., deal exclusively with representing injured people. We consider that each client is our biggest case. The focus is solving problems, and where we can assist, we do, even in matters which are not traditionally “legal representation”. By way of example, in automobile collision cases, many law firms are not willing to help their clients resolve matters relating to car repair, and car rental. We take on these things routinely. We know the problems injuries bring, and we pro-actively get involved to minimize all of these concerns.

Since 1980, Mr. Samakow has been involved in fighting for victims. He is a member of numerous plaintiff’s organizations which concern themselves on many levels with educating and helping victims. Mr. Samakow is a frequent lecturer to community, civic, school and professional groups. The firm’s philosophy is 110% service to its clients. Mr. Samakow is accessible virtually 24 hours per day. Staff routinely work overtime when matters do not need attorney involvement, yet need immediate attention.

Bar Admissions

- Maryland
- Virginia

Bar Admissions

- Washington, D.C.
- Maryland
- Virginia
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